DJ Metatron,

Busy with making a difference in our recent,boring and commercial music industry.

With complex long length compositions inspired from classical music, synthesizer and rock music from the 70's till approximately the year 2012.


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- After 1,5 years of hard work (May 2016 – November 2017) on my production and composing skills I have finally completed 4 large projects with great satisfaction! These tracks combined with 2 older ones are formed into an album called “Chapter I : Reborn”


- Beside these finished projects, I’ve been busy with some new and older unfinished projects. Please check the preview section for projects I’m working on right now.


- I’m very proud I took this step to make my childhood dream come true.Special thanks to the people that supported me in this!


-In the past when I was a teenager and young adult I composed about 30 tracks. These will be free for you to download in the future. The’re not as complex as my new ones, but you may use them for any purposes you like!


- I also made some good Hardstyle megamixes in the time hardstyle was still original in my opinion. I will put these mixes online in the future. It has to do with copyrights…


-If you like my music , please like me on Facebook or Soundcloud.


Kindest Regards,


Mark Hillen a.k.a DJ Metatron





September 2019


-Soon there will be a major update to my website.

 The" About" section will be partially rewritten and some more changes!

 My upcoming Chapter II album that should be 120 minutes in length (like I promised), will most   probably be split in 42 minute   albums.On each album 2 project's with a duration of 21 minutes each.The reason for this , is , so these albums will be equal to my   future vinyl releases.

 Check out my soundcloud for my newest projects.The more recent ones are mastered to my satisfaction.



July 2018


-I decided to release my second album “Chapter II...” as a double disc or 120 minutes album instead of an 80 min Audio CD. This is because I already composed over 2 hours of new music. Some of these new tracks (previews) can already be partly or completely heard on my soundcloud account. The quality on soundcloud is (much) lower in my opinion than the tracks originally are.But enough to get a taste of what's coming.


There has been some delay with producing due to some other big projects aside of music production but I hope my new album “Chapter II” will be finished/released before 2019.


-My music cannot be ordered anymore from this site.They are free for download on soundcloud and can be heard or bought from several online music stores. Please read the news from December 2017 from wich stores.


–I changed the Demo’s of my “Chapter I” album on soundcloud (and this site) to complete tracks. They are free and also available for download! They can still be played from Itunes,Spotify, Youtube etc...


Each time from now on when I finalize a new track it will be uploaded to my soundcloud account! Please follow me on soundcloud or facebook to stay updated :)



December 2017


-Since the 7th of November 2017 my music can be heard , played or downloaded from the following online stores or streaming services :


Itunes (Apple Music),Simply Africa, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer,Groove IheartRadio,Shazam, Digital,Juke,KKBox,Yandex,Zvooq,Saavn,8tracks,Q.Sic,Musicload and Pandora. I Had to compose an album with cover to get my music on the above mentioned online stores.This was because of a 10 min song limit. Rediculous!


For the best quality you have to order my tracks on this page. On request I can send you my tracks in FLAC,WAV or AAC format. Please read the disclaimer if you plan using my music for commercial purposes!



-I have cancelled my plans for letting my tracks getting pressed on vinyl. This is because of the 40 minutes limit of vinyl.Longer would result in low quality. And my tracks are pretty long in time.It would be a shame to shorten them. Not something I’m longing for...


-On the “About” page you’ll find a lot of info about my way of producing and my projects.It is in English now.I have finished the translation.

Der Untergang Von Insel Des Atlas

Duration 8:10 min



Official releases

MCAE 12S130


Duration 15:19 min


I Woke Up Because She Kissed Me

Duration 15:19 min


The Big Bang in Symphony

Duration 16:44 min


Check out some of my newest unfinished projects



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Mark Hillen aka DJ Metatron


KvK nr: 685 16 142

BTW nr: NL101544261B01